The Horror of it All

Today I wanted to talk about something else that I am passionate about, other than reading and writing. Crazy that I have time for anything else, right? I know, I know. And you can probably look back at my blog and figure out what it is.

I was 3 when I got into it. My parents would take me to the movie store and I would run straight for it…HORROR MOVIES! Oh yeah, three is a little young to be in love with crazy monsters. But it was something that I did myself. They never scared me too much, and when they did I was thrilled. Have I ever mentioned that I am an adrenaline junkie? You can’t tell because I don’t have the money to do all I want to do, but horror movies create an adrenaline that I can live with for now.

My favorite horror movie was Poltergeist. I love that movie and I am not sure how I feel about the remake, but I assure you, I will see it. The movie that scared the crap out of me was Exorcist. I just couldn’t take it.

I have always had an overactive imagination. The chick on Exorcist reminded me a lot of an imaginary friend I had as a child. I was terrified this imaginary friend was going to turn into this crazy demonic thing who twisted her head all the way around.


Not even going to lie, I still have trouble with this movie. I know that it more than likely wouldn’t scare me like it used to, but that childhood fear lingers. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid and I’m pretty sure I only saw it once then.

I found this nifty little thing on Buzzfeed the other day about 16 Problems Only Horror Movie Fanatics will Understand. And to be honest it was pretty spot on. My favorite is #5 that says “You were probably way too young when you saw your first horror film.” I honestly thought I was the only one.

My love for horror movies is probably what created my love for Stephen King. I did see “It” when I was a child and loved it. Though, I hated “Cujo” simply because it was an evil dog that was killed at the end. I didn’t like that it was killed! And let’s not forget “Pet Cemetery.” Another movie that scared the crap out of me, but I still watched it over and over again. What isn’t creepy about an evil demonic kid calling for his mommy?

And yes, I have watched a ton of B-grade horror movies to find a good one. It may not count, but I loved “Cabin In the Woods.” It was an actually fresh new concept!


And to be honest, if you don’t like horror movies, I am probably not going to like you very much. It may actually contribute to my singleness as well. I have talked to a few great seeming guys only to find out they didn’t like horror movies. Out of all the things I love to do, horror movies is probably pretty high on my “passionate about” list. I don’t want to date a guy who can’t appreciate a good horror movie with me. Am I wrong for that?

Enough rambling, Do you love horror movies? What was your favorite? And if you don’t like horror movies, tell me why.



3 thoughts on “The Horror of it All

  1. therobotdrummer says:

    I looooooved horror movies as a kid. I’d watch anything with ghosts or monsters in it. But I think there’ve just been so many uninteresting films in the past couple decades, that I’ve soured a little bit on the genre. I did see a movie on netflix last week that scared the living hell out me, tho! It’s called *Babadook* and, for me at least, it works on every level: scary as could be, no loose ends or dumb logic, and great psychological stuff to mull over as I try (in vain) to go to sleep afterwards.

    • Heather M. says:

      I was just trying to find a movie to watch before work tonight. I am so going to go check this one out. I will always love horror movies and I will always watch the horrible ones just to find the rare gem. lol

      I am so over the Paranormal Activity movies too! Everyone talks about how scary they are. I end up laughing more than anything. I think I even fell asleep watching one once.

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