Blue Pill, Red Pill, You Decide


Most people know the red pill, blue pill, thing is from Matrix. A movie that I loved and hated because it ended so bad. These meme’s are all over the place, most being the same from the movie, but then you have the rare one that asks a new question.

Blue pill, you get to bring characters from your favorite fictional world to your world. Red pill, you get to go into your favorite fictional world. What would you choose?

Of course there are pros and cons of each. My favorite fictional world is from the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. There are witches, vampires, werewolves, pixies, fairies, and elves. I am sure there are more mystical creatures that I have forgotten about or only the author knows about.

If I were to bring my favorite characters out, one of them would live instead of dying twice. But, they would never adapt to this reality. Sure, everything is the same basically, but would their magic carry over? Probably not and truthfully, this reality wouldn’t survive with a demon on the loose.

If it were up to me I would go into the world of the Hollows series. Simply because it is the world I have always dreamed of. I would probably end up getting attacked by fairies or vampires, but I would hope that a certain Witch, Vampire, and Pixie group would come save me. Then I would be in! I would meet all their friends, fall in love with one of the cute witches or werewolves or…anything that’s not human.

The only problem would be leaving my family behind. I know my mom would probably go with me, but my dad and brother would take a little convincing. Maybe. Who knows.

Now I have my mind in a complete and total melt down, wishing so much that I could slip into that world even for a moment. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so lost, as I do now. Maybe I would finally find a place I belong, because I have yet to find that in this world. So, if anyone knows of any secret portals to a new world, please let me know. I think I need to try my hand at another world because I don’t fit so well in this one.

What about you? Would you bring characters out or go into their story? And no mixing and matching. It has to be one fictional world. Have fun with it!


8 thoughts on “Blue Pill, Red Pill, You Decide

    • Heather M. says:

      That sounds awesome. lol But my first thought reading your comment was of the episode of Futurama where they end up on the planet of the amazon women. Hilarious episode.

  1. therobotdrummer says:

    This is pretty easy for me. I’m way too much of a homebody to want to go into some outrageously dangerous and complicated fictional world. So, blue pill for me. Not sure who I’d choose though. Tyler Durden? Tryion Lannister? Oscar Wao? Naw, I’ll stick with the incomparable Lady Brett Ashley from The Sun Also Rises.

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