My Craft Corner: Minnie Mouse Party

Craft Corner

Finally! I have a name for Mondays. For the past month I have been sharing my creations of the past week. I couldn’t think of anything to call it and I kind of didn’t want to add it to the schedule and make it a permanent thing. I don’t always get the chance to make something that I want to share, but everyday I am off work I try and make something.

This week was fantastic in creations though! I had to make cake pops and a smash cake for my cousins daughters first birthday. It all came out so wonderful too!

Minnie cake

The cake came out so great!! Like, I shocked myself with this one. The cake is white cake and the icing is my own homemade butter-cream icing. The one thing I learned from this is that I will never make a box white cake again. I need to find my own recipe because this cake wasn’t the best tasting.

The bow was made from sugar cookies and covered in candy melts. I was going to cover it in royal icing, but I couldn’t get my royal icing to work right. It wouldn’t thin out to where I could use it for flooding. I was so aggravated.

The cake shape was made using a 6inch cake pan for the face. The ears were made out of a square cake that I cut out with a giant cookie cutter. Like…who makes cookies that big?

The bow was made using two heart shapes and a circle. While the candy melts were drying I etched in the bow folds with a toothpick. And I iced the rest of the cake using a star tip. I am seriously in love with how well this turned out.

Minnie Cake pops

The cake pops were another great feat! I bought a box of stuff from a friend who is getting out of the cake making business. In all the stuff she gave me there was a chocolate mold of bows. Instead of using heart sprinkles I used the mold and it made the cake pops 100 times cuter. Again, IN LOVE! The pink was supposed to have white dots like Minnie’s dress, but I thought it looked terribly cute and simple like they are. So I kept it that way.

The only thing special I did to these was use mini oreos for the ears. I found that tip online while looking for Minnie Mouse cake pops. I heard they were delicious too.

DSCN1692After I finished the Minnie mouse cake pops I had some cake and candy melts left over, so I made these adorable things. Which, I will be giving away on my Facebook page for The Catch All Shop. Just click HERE to check it out.

And as promised, I said I would share with you how I decorate my agenda for the week. I once shared what my monthly calendar looks like, so here is what my weekly looks like.

DSCN1694I made the agenda myself. It’s in a composition notebook. So it’s really boring looking to start with. Which doesn’t help when I open it…I just don’t have the desire to keep up with it. So once a week I sit down and decorate it to death. Some weeks I go a little overboard. This week, I don’t think I added enough color…


The water drop things are for me to keep up with how much water I drink every day. Most days I fill in all the water drops, which is my goal of 3 liters. The little colorful dots on the side is where I write my work schedule. Every night I sit down at my desk and fill in the day. I write how I felt that day or anything I may find important to remember. If something important happens that week that I know will happen I usually use a piece of colorful tape on the day it happens and write on top of that. That way it pops out a little more.

The rest, the stickers…they are all completely random. I just try and make it as colorful as possible.

That is all I have for you this week. What did you create this past week?



4 thoughts on “My Craft Corner: Minnie Mouse Party

  1. dianasadventures says:

    oh my gosh the cake pops came out amazing!! Great job. Hmmm… as for me, I guess I created some mac and cheese for dinner last night 😛 hehe, my life isnt filled with amazing creations like yours!

    • Heather M. says:

      I can’t take the credit for the mini oreos. I found it on youtube from a youtuber named MyCupcakeAddiction. I watch all her videos and it has made me a better baker. lol
      Yes, Washy Tape! I love that stuff. I just got a ton of it from a friend who is moving and didn’t want it anymore. lol

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