Fitness Sunday: Week 6

Fitness Sunday

Hello people of the internet. I am here with another fitness Sunday. Another fitness blog full of excuses and blame that falls on everything else but me. Because it’s not my fault.

Just kidding.

As you may recall I had a few goals last week.

Last week

  1. Lose 2 pounds.
  2. No chocolate…There is a saying that goes: “There is no try, just do.” Didn’t Yoda say that?
  3. DDP Yoga at least twice.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  5. Stop buying junk food at work.
  6. Eat less meat. Fill up on vegetables.

Obviously, I didn’t make it to those goals. I ate a ton of chocolate. And I kept buying junk food at work. The good news though, I did eat more veggies and fruits. And as soon as I get my next check I will be getting stuff to make salads for work and possibly when I am at home.

See, I got this nifty little salad to-go cup at Wal-Mart last week and I makes a nice little sandwich.

Salad cup

It’s easy to tote around and a nice sized salad fits in it. I used it once this week and put buffalo style chicken breast and extra sharp cheddar cheese in it. It was delicious. I added bacon bits and some ritz crackers as well, but next time I think I could do with out that. I also have some carrots that I need to cut up for snacking.

In all honesty, I may be slack at getting this whole weight thing under control, but I am making the effort. I always feel bad for the cookie or candy bar. lol I’m trying to ignore my cravings, but it’s hard to do.

For the past two days I have not drink the 3 liters of water I have been drinking for several weeks now. I can feel it too. I have been super tired the past few days and I am sure the lack of water is the cause.

Let’s move on to this week. What are my goals for this week?

They are pretty much going to be the same as last weeks…

This weeks goals

  1. Chill out on the sweets.
  2. Take a salad to work everyday.
  3. Work out at least once. Okay, so I realize this is bad that I don’t work out. But I unload truck every Monday and most days at work I am stocking. It’s basically a work out…
  4. More veggies.
  5. Make sure to drink 3 liters of water a day.

What are your goals for this week?



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