Pin-It Saturday: Let’s Organize

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I have been in the process of re-writing a few novels. Two of which are in the same series. My hope and dream is to have everything ready for January so that I can work on finding a good editor that will help my book become great. Then to move on from there and finally get my name out in the world.

But first, I have to re-write. The first book was written in a way that the reader sees all and knows all. I want to change that to where the reader can only see and know what the main character knows. Which means there will be an entire re-write. But most authors know that the first draft is just the outline anyways…right?

I have been scouring the internet and Pinterest to find ideas on how to organize my thoughts and story lines. How to do I figure out what scenes are important and what scenes need to be cut out now that the POV has changed? At times I wish I could just start from scratch, but I know there are things in the 70,000+ words in each book that I want to keep.

I found a few things that I am trying to adapt and use for this. I found a few things on Pinterest that I want to give a try. The first being the idea I found HERE. It’s using note cards to write down scenes and the important aspects of those scenes. Although the problem with this is the same problem I had in high school and college when taking notes. I just don’t know how to take notes…I feel like every single detail is important. I am hoping that with my own novel I will know the different between what is important and what feels sacred to just me.

The second thing that I found was HERE. It is the Post-It method. Of course, I am not following the method as stated in the article. I’m actually not sure how I am using it to be honest. I am using it for problems and things that I want to change or things that I need to remember for later in the novel or even later in the series. The series I am working on, I know what is going to happen, I just don’t know how I am getting there.

So tell me, how do you keep up with your novel? Do you have some kind of elaborate organization system? I have heard of the series bible that some authors use, and I will possibly try to adapt that at some point in my writing career. What are your tips and tricks that have helped you along the way?



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