Happy Monday!

I honestly hate Mondays. I always have to work because it’s truck day and I usually end the day in a lot of pain. So…Monday’s suck big harry monkey balls.

But, this past week I got to do a few things that made life a little nicer!

First, I made some sugar cookies. Everyone loved the taste…but who really wants just a sugar cookie?

IMG_2476I shaped a few of them like bows because I have a minnie mouse cake to make this week. I am going to be covering it in chocolate to make it pink. It’s probably going to cause problems.

I tried to make some royal icing, but I couldn’t get that stuff to thin out where I needed it. I was so frustrated!

The same day I had to update my calendars. Yep, I was a few days behind. But I went from boring…


To OMG colorful!!!


Hello April! I love decorating each month and every week. I might show you a weekly picture next week.

I have a friend that has being doing cakes and cake pops for 6 years. Sadly, her business is going out of business. Or, closing up shop for a few years. Because she didn’t want to have to find a place for all of her stuff, she decided to reach out to me and sell me what she had. Let me tell you, that was the best grab bag I have ever bought!

Because of all the stuff I got, I ran out of room to put everything. So while I was at work one day my mom went out and bought me a new cabinet. ^_^ My mom loves me. lol


Sorry the picture is a little blurry. It took me a few hours to get everything in there, just because I wanted to have some kind of organization going on. Which I do…but there are so many sprinkles I don’t know what to do. It makes me want to make a ton of cake pops just to use all the sprinkles.

But, my favorite part, some of the sprinkles are color coded and before I put them all in there I had this wonderful rainbow thing going on.


I can’t even tell you how happy my little nerd heart was when I started out. Of course, it’s jam packed with sprinkles now, but I had that one moment of rainbow bliss.

That is all I have for you today. I have to go get ready for a 9 hour shift at work. Which, I am sure doesn’t sound like a lot to most people, but in retail that is a long time!



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