Do I Need a Doctors Note?

Before we get started, here are a few links where you can find me.

Facebook – It’s new!! So…I need likes. lol
Twitter– I have had twitter for years! But I updated it every once in a while.
Instagram – I am a picture whore! I’m always sharing things I find interesting or funny.
Pinterest – Updated almost daily…I have a problem.
Google+ – I honestly forget I have this one…Oops.

What other social media should I have?

This week has been a little crazy. Work has been super busy because of Easter coming up and I got a new game. Well, not a new game but a new expansion pack for Sims 4.

Because of both, I have fallen behind on a lot of things. Also, I am preparing everything for a cake and cake pop order that is due in a week. But mostly the game…

Usually, after work no matter how late it is I will sit at my computer and type up a few blog post. This way I stay ahead of things and I have time for everything else. Then, Tuesday, the Sims expansion pack came out and I spent all my time playing that instead. Yes…I am a true gamer at heart. I will get lost in a game as quick as I get lost in a book.

So, because of that I have all this stuff sitting in the background waiting for me to take care of it. I have interview questions that I have to type up and send to an amazing author who has agreed to let me interview him. I have a few books to finish reading and get the reviews up. I have a project that someone asked me to do and I agreed. I also have to change over my calendars over to April…they still say it’s March.

I am not a bum…I was just bitten by the game bug.

The good news is, I am back on track now. I stare at my game, wanting to play so bad, but I have fallen so far behind that I actually have the willpower to leave it where it is right now.

Luckily, after tomorrow, things at work will slow down as well and I won’t come home so stressed. Which is usually how I end up on the game.

So here is my official apology to anyone who has missed my blogs this week and to others who are waiting for me for any reason what so ever. I promise I am back on track and trying to work harder than everyone.

Pin-it Saturday will return next week!



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