I Can’t Decide!


I have said something about subscription boxes before, but I am pretty sure it was a while ago that I did so. So funny, because it was almost a year ago. The post can be found HERE. The one I had before was a nail polish subscription box. I love nail polish, but I have so much of it now that I just don’t need anymore right now. Besides, my work site is right beside a Sally’s Beauty Supply and they sale the good stuff!

I have been debating on getting another subscription box, but I want something a little more…nerdy. Something that speaks to who I am today instead of what I was a year ago. Seriously, it’s amazing how much I have changed in a year.

I have two choices for subscription boxes and I just don’t know which one to get!

There is the Nerd block


and then the Horror block.


If you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with horror movies. I love them so much, even the dumb ones. So…it seems like that would be the obvious choice.

But then I went to Youtube and watched all the unboxings of both and the Nerd block has amazing stuff too! They often come with the POP dolls that I love so much!

Both come with a t-shirt every month, so there is no help there. Which side of my heart do I follow? The horror half or the nerd half? Of course, I could do one for 6 months, then get the other, but what if I miss out on something amazing while I am subscribed to one and not the other. And which part of my little heart is bigger? The horror one of the nerd one?

What do I do?!!

Of course, I have ordered a Horror Block because it was on sale. Both boxes are close to 30 dollars a month, which is about 10 dollars more than most boxes. But…t-shirt!! I love t-shirts. *sigh*

My best bet at this point would be to just wait until I get my horror block and see what I think about it and go from there. But…why are there so many choices??

Do you subscribe to either or any subscription boxes?



3 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide!

  1. ArcaneHalloween says:

    I don’t subscribe to any monthly boxes but do buy lots of statues and action figures, and yes oodles of T-shirts. If it has Batman or Wonder Woman involved, then it’s bought on the spot! Seriously running out of space though. I would be interested in seeing what you receive in the horror box though, I too am a huge horror fan (especially 80’s).

    • Heather M. says:

      YES! Seriously, everything 80’s is a win. lol Have you ever heard of ShirtPunch? I get a lot of T-shirts from them. I may do a blog about them next week. And I will do a blog about my horror box as well. I feel like there should be some kind of alarm going off warning everyone of the nerd alert I’m about to drop on everyone.

      • ArcaneHalloween says:

        Look forward to the unboxing 🙂 I haven’t heard of ShirtPunch, I get most of my T-shirts through the local comic shops and Amazon, but I shall look them up. Ans yes indeed, the 80’s is the greatest horror era, nothing these days comes close to the look and feel of something like Halloween or Evil Dead 2.

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