Fitness Sunday: Week 3

Fitness Sunday

Well, I can tell you one thing, this week was not a good week for me. Not for staying on track with eating healthy foods. The day usually starts off great! Then, as the day progresses things just go down hill…I end up getting really hungry by time dinner rolls around. Which leads me to eating too much, or snaking before and after dinner.

The good news is, once I get my meals down and eating the right stuff, everything else is going to be a breeze. All but exercise. Another thing that I am struggling with. I have always been able to just hop on the treadmill and walk or jog for a little bit, but with my ankle messed up I can’t jog at all, and walking kills me. Though, I do walk a lot at work and I did a ton of walking yesterday at the SC Comic Con.

While I haven’t lost any weight I have been doing a few things right! Like, taking my vitamins every day. Which, this also leads to me having to eat breakfast every day so I can take them in the mornings. It’s a start…right?

Another area I have succedded in is drinking 3 liters of water a day. I have gone 10 days straight…until yesterday and I didn’t quite make it to 3 liters, but it was very close.I can even see where it’s helping my body. My skin is clearer and smoother. It’s amazing that just drinking a ton of water is helping with my skin issues. Now, if I could just lay off the chocolate, or rather sugar, I could have some radiant skin.

I started using a new app on my phone. It’s not really new and not really new to me, but I started using it again. It’s called My Fitness Pal. I am sure most everyone has heard of it. I kind of quit using my journal that I put together because it wasn’t working for me. But the MFP app is working great for me. I can find just about everything that I eat on there. I can put it in as soon as I eat and I am done. Because of my weight and height I get 1470 calories a day, which I kind of want to change that to 1200.

Of course, I won’t change that until I can actually meet the 1470 calories a day. Yes…I have been having trouble staying under that. It’s horrible I know. But I am working on it. My biggest problem is eating out all the time. Just Friday I had McDonald’s for lunch, and Pizza Hut for dinner. My family doesn’t always eat out like that, but some weeks we eat out a lot.

I guess for this week I am going to try really hard to keep below or right on my calorie count, continue taking my vitamins, drinking 3 liters of water, and get in a few work outs this week. I really want to lose weight and I have all the tools to do so, I just have to build up my will power.

What have been your struggles for weight loss this week?


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