Book Review: Broken

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Broken (The Siren Series, #1)

Author: L.A. Griffiths
Release Date: August 22, 2014
Series: The Siren Series
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Edition: Mobi
Pages: 153
Publisher: L.A. Griffiths
Buy it here: Amazon & Other Places


Disgusting creatures invade young Ellie’s dreams dragging her from her home in the dead of night. Shy sixteen year old Ellie take everything that comes her way with gritted teeth, bullies, teachers and most of all, her dangerously confusing powers.

Every day she tries to hide the fact that she cannot touch people without them feeling immediately attracted to her. School becomes a minefield for young Ellie but when she starts having horrifying dreams of faceless creatures she knows she’s in big trouble. She is then thrown into the deep end when she senses something not of this earth watching her from afar. It stalks after her seeking to claim her but will Ellie go without a fight?



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