Yay…A Day Off


I always get excited when I have a day off work. It used to mean time to relax and catch up on all my shows. Of course, these days ended with me feeling slightly depressed because I didn’t do anything and I was alone all day. I have found that the way to happiness is to be around others. At least for me it is. I just love being around people…as long as they are in a good mood and not yelling at me.

Lately, a day off work doesn’t mean the same thing. I am several weeks behind on any show that I don’t watch with my parents and I haven’t been able to play Sims for several weeks. I played Sims just the other night, for about 2 hours and had to get off to watch a show with my parents. If I don’t watch it with them I either miss it or it sits in my recordings until I watch it or give up and delete it. Also, it’s about the only time that I get to spend with my family since we are all so busy lately.

I’m telling you, my poor puppy doesn’t even know me anymore. I really need to set aside some time everyday to play with her.

So, here is why I have been so busy lately. As you may already know, I have opened an online shop at Etsy. I have been doing crafts a-plenty, to have things to sell. Though, I haven’t even sold the first item yet. Sadness. But I didn’t expect it to be a big hit over night anyways. I just wanted to get my stuff out there.

Today, my first day off in like 6 days, I am spending making a cake pop order for a lady I work with. This, of course, will help spread the word of my business and bring in my customers.

To add on top of all the crafty stuff I have been doing, I have also had the pleasure of reviewing books over at The Reading Bud. So that takes up a little bit of time as well.

Plus, let’s add a few sprinkles to this ice cream Sunday, I have been working hard on the short stories for the prompt challenge on Wednesdays.

The cherry on top? My fitness challenge between my family and I. Which has taken on a whole life of it’s own, growing bigger by the second. I am logging everything that I eat and trying to find better ways to log it. I haven’t been working out, which is horrible, but more on that Sunday.

And let’s add a spoon to the mix, you know, so you can eat this wonderful Sunday of awesomeness, I have been working on my book again. Going through it and seeing it for the outline that it is.

How does one function with so much going on in her life? A day off is a joke. It’s not a day of rest, it’s a day of more work. There is no such thing as a day off.

But it all boils down to the one goal I have set for myself that will take me through the rest of the year…

Work Harder

That’s the only thing that gets me through the day. Just reminding myself that if I want to make it in this world, I don’t have time to rest. Not right now anyways. I have to keep trucking through and fighting battles while I am still young enough to do so.



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