Oh, Life


This past weekend has been so busy. I even had a three day weekend and I feel like I need another one. Not to rest, but to get more done.

Friday I was able to go shopping with my mom. We were mainly trying to price things at different stores to see where we could get the cheapest things. That was an all day event and when we finally got home we had to put everything away.

Saturday, my mom and I cleaned and organized our craft room. Let me tell you…we got two bags of trash out of our craft room. It wasn’t trash, but things we have been holding on to that we realized we no longer need. It was a great cleansing moment. Then we organized everything and even made labels!

Here is a picture of the mess before…actually it was kind of during. It wasn’t this bad when we first started.


It was a mess. And after hours of cleaning and organizing we finally had a room we could work in!


It makes me happy to see it so clean. Excuse the shoe on the owl box…I seriously walked around for like two hours with just one shoe on. Simply because I was trying on my red glitter shoes and didn’t stop to put my other shoe back on. Evidently, it’s bad luck to walk around with one shoe on. At least that is what my mom said.

Sunday was so much fun. My mom and I got out all of our candle and soap making stuff and decided to test a few things. It was really fun and everything seems pretty easy right now. But we haven’t recieved all our supplies for making our own soap. We just used a melt and pour soap to test and I really hope that the homemade stuff is going to be as easy as the melt and pour stuff.

IMG_2342 (2)

I made some soap, colored it blue, and put in lavender fragrance with some lavender seeds.


I thought it turned out really pretty and it smells so good!!


I cut it up into little hand soaps and I may just try one out today.

Our candles didn’t turn out as well as the soap. The color wasn’t mixed in good before I poured a few of them, so the color kind of settled near the bottom, but it made an awesome ombre candle.


We made some wax melts as well. While the color is better in them, the fragrance doesn’t work too well, so we have to figure out how much fragrance to put in.


All in all, I had a really productive weekend, but I didn’t get to everything. I had lazy moments. Now I have cake pops to make, notebooks to put together, and wreaths to finish up. How do I still have so much to do?

How was your weekend?



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