Must Write to Live


I was looking on Pinterest, I swear I spend more time on there than anywhere else, and I came across this quote. My little writer heart sung with glee in how true it was.

I have not written much lately. I have been trying to get my business up and going so writing has been sitting on the back burner for just a little bit. Not to worry, Monday I will finally post my first prompt challenge story and pray it’s not too long. I have been writing to do list, making material list, and creating inventory list. I have been writing, but it wasn’t the creative type.

I miss writing. It’s that one thing at night that keeps me awake. The one thing I didn’t do in the day that keeps my mind running and anxiety set in because I didn’t do everything I could in one day.

But, when I do get to writing, when I do sit down and start writing what ever story I decide to work on that day, the drive will be that much stronger. There is something about sitting down and writing that makes that part of me burn like the sun. My fingers dance across the keys of my keyboard and my mind is already a million words ahead of my hands. Some days I have to sit back and put all my thoughts into little folders in my mind, to help keep everything in order. And other days I have to actually walk away from my computer and pull out a notebook.

Something about writing by pen and paper makes my mind slow down just a bit so I can get everything down. Not to mention, when I am writing with a pen I feel better about not writing complete sentences and just jotting down words and phrases that would only make sense to me.

I love that feeling. Once your mind starts you just can’t stop. You want to disappear in the void…just you and your words. Typing as fast as you can to get all the words down, all the ideas in some kind of form other than just in your head. The world disappears around you and you don’t even hear the dinner bell. You forget that you are hungry or the basic functions of breathing.

How many times have you stopped and realized that you may have forgotten to breathe?



One thought on “Must Write to Live

  1. Rachel says:

    I write lists all the time. I make a daily do to list every morning. I keep inventory of my books on my shelf, stories I plan on writing, etc. It’s not “creative” writing, but it definitely keeps your mind going.

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