Can You Imagine…?

Cat in the hat

The other day I was thinking about my journal. I was thinking how much I hate leaving a page blank, or leaving even half of it blank. And not just the front of the page, the back too. When I was in middle school I hated writing on the back of a page. I would only use the front of the page, so you can imagine how much paper I went though.

Now, I have to use front and back, I just can’t use the next page unless I have used up as much of the first page as possible. I also like to press down really hard so that I indent the paper and it makes that lovely crinkle sound with both sides have been filled up. I know, I’m strange.

I started to wonder, what would the world of books look like if the printers only printed on one side. How much heavier would a Stephen King book be if only one side of a paper was used. Could you imagine trying to lug those things around. Even some of the shortest books would suddenly become unbearable to hold. We would all have deformed wrist from holding heavy books.

It would also me I would have even less room for books. My personal library would suffer!

Imagine the stacks of books now…twice their size. I honestly imagine cities, where the towers are made of books. I see little kids laying in the floor, reading a book that has been in the same place for days, because it’s just to heavy to pick up. There would no longer be libraries with two stories because the floors are not strong enough to hold the piles of books.

It would be a fun site to see really. Though, I also see this world with much fewer trees and probably more breathing issues because of the lack of trees. I think I just stepped into a Dr. Seuss book.

Tell me, do you write on both sides of the paper?


3 thoughts on “Can You Imagine…?

  1. Rachel says:

    “That lovely crinkle sound” I do that too! 🙂 Plus, the smell of the ink is great.

    I’ve always used both sides because I didn’t want to waste any paper. The wonder if books were only printed one-sided is an interesting thought. If I printed out one of my books one-sided it’d be cool to see the difference. Of course, I probably will never try it out because paper and ink are expensive… lol.

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