A Moment to Reflect


Today marks a year since I lost my “big girl” job. I know it’s funny to call it that, but it was the job that made the big bucks. It was a job that I got just because I had a degree. I still remember the interview I went in to get the job. It was probably the first interview I was excited about and wasn’t really all that nervous. Something told me the moment I scheduled the interview that I had the job. I just knew from the start.

As time went on, things changed. The company I worked with brought in a new boss. Then the company I worked for switched bosses on me. I was working with a staffing company of sorts and working for BMW. It could have turned into a permanent job. One of my coworkers started with the temporary company and was hired on by BMW. So I had hope that I would be so lucky.

Then, I remember this day a year ago. I worked an entire day just to be called into the office as I was leaving. I thought everything was okay because we had talked the Friday before and discussed what needed to be done. I didn’t realize I was going to lose my job that day.

There are a few things that still make me angry about losing my job. One being that one of my coworkers was basically an idiot. He couldn’t remember how to do things and always came to me for help. He slept at his desk. He stayed later than he should have. It took him forever to do his job. And he was bad at his job. I bet he is still there, sitting at a desk doing work that should have been done weeks ago.

I didn’t have a lot of work to do, and when I did I finished it as quickly as possible. I’m not saying I didn’t make mistakes, because I made a few…or a ton. But I always owned up to my mistakes.

Really though, none of that matters. I couldn’t be happier with where I am right now. I am back working with the public, stocking shelves, and working with people that I enjoy being around. People that don’t call me a devil worshiper just because I wear a ring shaped like a coffin.

I may struggle a little bit more to pay my bills, but I know that too will change. I just opened my online business and I know that will grow too. And…if you want to check out my online store just find it on Etsy. You can find it under The Catch All Shop…or you know, just click the link. More items will be coming soon. I am even looking to send some free gifts to bloggers to advertise for me.

And let’s not forget how my muse has opened up since I am no longer over powered by the noise and the sound of a big plant. I hated working there and I am so glad to be out. It has even helped me appreciate my blog and my blog friends so much more. I have time to be me again. It may have taken me a year to start really planning things, but sometimes it takes a little bit of recovery time.



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