So, What Happened Was…


It has been really cold for South Carolina the past few days. So cold that not even Pixel wants to go outside. We had ice covering the ground one day and that same ice re-freezing the next day. It was cold! All the trees were coated in ice!


And that was after it started melting a little bit!

Our heat was kicking. My dad got my car fixed just before the storm came through and I was called into work because of the cashiers calling out due to the poor roads. Being assistant manager it was my duty to make my way through the wet roads to help run the store, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.


Poor little guy had no where to go!

Now, I have been off work most of the week because I was called in for jury duty. I stayed on call all week but never had to go in. Meaning, I missed a lot of work for nothing, but I was happy for the little break.

I wanted to go shopping one of those days, which I did get to do, but I couldn’t spend as freely as I wanted. See…because of the cold our heat gave out. The unit froze up and over and…no more heat. Thank goodness for blankets and small heaters kept in the bathrooms.

We got the HAVC guy out to the house the day it froze over, and he thought he fixed it. Sadly, this was not the case and the night we were headed into was going to be the coldest night that SC has seen in years. It was cold!

We all bundled up the best we could when we went to bed. The next day the HAVC guy came out again and looked at the duct work under the house. It seems that all of my cats have stolen the heat from the humans. They messed up all of the duct work and the heat is going straight up under the house instead of into the house.

Now…my parents are on a rampage trying to get rid of cats any way possible. Yes, that does mean shooting them. Some of them are wild and I can’t touch them anyways and none of the shelters around here will take them. You can call us evil if you wish, but most of the cats have medical issues from inbreeding anyways. You want to save them, you are welcome to come to my house and get them. But there are two of them you will keep your hands off of.

It’s still cold in the house and I am ready for warmer weather. Which is odd for me because I love the winter so much, but when you have no where warm to go hide for a while, winter sort of sucks.

My fingers are not frozen so I will say farewell for now. It’s about time to get ready for work. UGH!



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