Cheers to You

Happy for othersThe other day I heard some good news about someone. The first thing I did was roll my eyes and snort. It wasn’t because I wasn’t happy for them, it was because I was jealous of their success. I wanted to be in their shoes. I wanted all the hard work to be done and over with and be in that place where everything has worked out and I can reap the benefits of all my hard work.

In other words, I am a lazy bum and I want to feed off of others hard work instead of doing the work myself.

Which, isn’t true either. I’m not lazy, life just gets in the way. I don’t make time for all the things that I love the most. I let life get in the way. I use the excuse that I am tired. I need to rest. I deserve to rest. But in reality, who actually deserves to rest? Isn’t that what old age is for?

Here is what I purpose. Today, if you hear of someone who has accomplished even the smallest feat, congratulate them and actually mean it. Don’t secretly sneer at them and don’t dis whatever it is they are doing. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much to you, but to them it could be the biggest hurdle they have ever crossed.

To all of my readers, congratulations. For publishing a post, a book, or a story. For starting a business for what ever it is that you love to do. For meeting your writing goals for the week or the day. For turning off the TV and going for a walk. For saying no to that big bowl of chocolate that you know you shouldn’t have. For drinking enough water. For facing your fear of sharing your thoughts. For finally doing what you said you were going to do. For standing up for yourself.

Congratulations for being you!

I know from this day on I will be happy for the success of others, because it’s just not worth being mad that you are where I want to be. It’s not worth belittling myself because you are doing better than me. In the end, that is all it boils down to. If you can’t be happy for someones success you are blinded by jealousy and that is no way to live.



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