Netflix Movie Review: Horns


I have wanted to see this movie since the day I heard about it. Mainly because Daniel Radcliffe was staring in it. I can’t help my little nerd heart wanting to see everything that the Harry Potter clan has done. This was actually the first movie that I have gone into and expected it to be really good. My brother had already seen it and said I would like it. We don’t always agree what movies are okay, but I trust him to know what kind of things I like.

The movie is based on a novel by Joe Hill, also called Horns. I have not read the book, but after loving the movie I will be putting it on my TBR list. What can I say, I am a nerd who loves to compare novels to their movies.


Ig has been in love with Merrin since they were young kids. And she has been in love with him all the same. They have made plans together, marriage, kids, the whole nine yards. Then something happens and Merrin is found dead in the woods. The only person to blame is Ig.

Ig tries to convince the world that he would never hurt Merrin and that he loved her more than life itself and only one person believes him. His lawyer, Lee, who just happens to be his childhood best friend as well.

After a crazy drunken night he wakes up to find that horns have sprouted out of his head. He soon realizes that the horns come with the ability to make people spill their greatest sins to him, and do bad things on his command. Now Ig has a mission. He is going to track down Merrin’s killer and clear his name.

Personal Perspective

I was pleasantly pleased with this movie. Honestly, I was blaming the whole town for Merrin’s death, even Ig at one very small point. Spoiler: He didn’t do it, but you had to have assumed that already.

The actors were fantastic and the story line kept moving along and never stopped for too long. There was never a dull moment, not even the flash backs to Ig’s childhood. There are some crazy things going on in this little logging town though. There are two gay cops who have secretly thought of one another in…adult ways. A doctor who likes young girls (like jail bait young girls), a nurse who doesn’t want to face the fact that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and a mother who would rather take off and leave her kid somewhere.

Let’s not mention the things that Ig’s friends and family confess to him. It’s heartbreaking to see his own mother’s sin spilling confessions.

Overall it was a great movie and I couldn’t stop smiling after the movie ended. You spend the whole movie trying to figure out what in the world is going on and who killed Ig’s girlfriend. And while he tries to find the killer you are privilaged to all the wonderful messed up people that inhabit this little town.

The only thing I would say is that if you are easily offended by crude language and sexual content…don’t watch it. It is also a good idea not to let your young kids watch it.

So, if you have seen it, what do you think? And if you see it after reading my review, please share your thoughts with me!



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