Let’s Talk About Synonyms


Okay, so I am not going to give you a list of synonyms of anything crazy, I just wanted to talk about these wonderful list that I always find on Pinterest.

First, sorry for a late post today. My car broke down last night on the way home from work. Then I had to work this morning and didn’t get off until 5. At that point I had to rush home, grab my parents, and go to the auto parts store for a new alternator. This is after I broke down the other day and we thought it was the battery. Thank the good man upstairs that I just got my tax money back and had the funds to get what I needed for my car. I keep telling everyone that God works in mysterious ways. If you don’t believe in God, please don’t tell me why I shouldn’t believe in Him. Religion is a personal option and I support what ever you believe in, just don’t try to change my own beliefs.

On to the good stuff!

I find that when I am writing I use a lot of the same words over and over again. I try not to, because when I was younger I remember learning how repetition of words in writing can make the work sound boring and juvenile. And once I got into the grove of things, reading any book I could get my hands on, I realize how true it was. I now can not stand to see a paragraph where the same word is used multiple times. Especially if it is a bigger word that stands out. I can’t even stand to see the same word used more than once on one page. I notice them.. I don’t know why.

Of course, hopefully you know that I am not talking about common things that can not be helped like “it” “the” “a”…you get the point right? Am I making any sense?? I am really tired so this could all come across like an alien language. I am from Pluto, so it’s possible this is not in English at all.

Sorry…what was I saying?

I find these nifty little charts on Pinterest all the time and I love them! I will sit and study them for very long moments, just because I like to expand my vocabulary and also see words that I may not have thought of before. Though, Stephen King says something that hits home as well…

Stephen King quote

And this is why, as a writer, I should expand my vocabulary. All writers should. Don’t go looking for the word, just know it. But if you take Stephen King’s other advice…


Reading a lot helps with that vocabulary.

I still like the fun list that I find on Pinterest. And I’m sorry about all the Stephen King quotes…I just really really admire the man.

What kind of advice do you keep beside you when you are writing? And have you found any of the list like the first one of words to use in place of others?

And if you are interested, you can follow me on Pinterest. Hopefully that is the proper link. If you try it and it doesn’t work, let me know. I have several boards on there and I probably spend more time on there than I should. If you collecting articles on writing and other tips and advice on Pinterest, let me know so I can follow you as well!

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