Last Minute Goals

Last Minute Goals

I haven’t written a blog in the past two days because I have been so tired. Every time I have set aside some time for writing I end up at work. The store manager has been sick and seeing as I have accepted the role of assistant manager I am one of the people called in to cover shifts. Because of this my ankle has been in so much pain. I finally got the pain to settle down today, but it’s back to work in a few minutes for me.

Yesterday I was finally able to open a new bank account for my business. Now I just have to get the other accounts set up and start selling. I seriously can not wait. This also means it is time to take out my backers cap and get to practicing with cakes, cake pops, cookies, and all other things sweet. Not to mention all the craft projects that I plan on doing to sell.

Today I was thinking about my writing and how much I want to be an author. Above all other things in my life this is my biggest dream and goal. The only problem is that I really need an editor and to hire a professional cover designer. But to do all of this I need money. With tax season upon us it would have been a great investment to use my tax returns for my writing. But…bills, bills, bills. They are just pilling up and I have to pay them.

Therefore, my tax money is already gone and I haven’t even gotten it all back yet. This has sparked something in me though. An idea and a new goal to work towards this year.

Writing takes time. I know this. I have always known this. A few years ago I tried to skip all the hurdles and go straight to publishing a novel that was not complete. It was stupid of me and it disheartened me a little bit. I wasn’t ready, the book didn’t sell well, and I just lost my spunk.

I may have found a way to bring back my muse, my spunk, my desire to be a published author. See, I have a year from now before tax season comes again. I have a year of hard work and retail income. I could save a little money, which I plan to do. This also gives me a year to re-write my novel, 1st and 2nd, as well as writing the next in the series. This gives me time perfect my own writing, my own story. To get ready for an editor and to get serious about being the author I have always dreamed of being.

It may be a year before my work graces the shelves of e-books. It could be longer. But the important part is that when I get to that point I will be ready. I will succeed in my dreams. Nothing happens over night, I just have to put in the work. Then, when I get taxes back next year I will put that money with whatever I was able to save and get an editor as well as a cover designer. Then my dreams will come true.

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2 thoughts on “Last Minute Goals

  1. tj6james6 says:

    Good luck! If you would like some input from an impartial 3rd party I could give things a once or twice over for you sometimes if you like. I do editorial/beta work for fanfiction authors although I am in no way, shape or form a professional since I do all of this for free from the comfort of my own home and in my spare time. Just a thought, there is no obligation 🙂 but I thought I would put it out there since I enjoy doing it and you sound like you occasionally need that boost or input that comes from someone with a different POV who hasn’t read the same page 50 times and still can’t see that the ‘s’ is missing from he or the missing quotation mark. Good luck either way.

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