Because Work Sucks


I had today off. Then before I even got out of bed my manager text me wanting me to come in today. I had two choices for today. One was a review on a book that I just finished and loved. Second was my first prompt challenge for this month’s prompt.

But because I suck at planning, yes I am taking blame for it, and because work sucks even harder, I have nothing to share with you all today.

So instead I thought I would share this quote from Stephen King. Because…well, it’s Stephen King. It’s also my favorite quote of his. Use it to inspire you to write today. Or read…reading is just a writers research. Trust me.

Now, off to hell  I mean…work. I hope you all have a productive day! Tomorrow I will share either a book review or my prompt challenge. Depends on if I get the story finished.

Meet Again 2


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