Dream a Little Dream

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I had one of the most amazing dreams last night. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because I wanted to continue the dream. I wanted to see what would happen and where the story would go. But I woke up already knowing where it would go.

The dream was about two best friends. A girl with long blond hair and a passion for art. A boy who comes from a troubled past, working hard to earn a dollar. His current job has something to do with fire…I wasn’t sure what it was all about. He worked in a dungeon and there was always a chance of fire.

Gabriel and Claire. They needed names and after a quick search these two names fit like gloves.

Gabriel and Claire grew up together. They were fast friends in pre-school.

Gabriel always loved Claire, but she had a boyfriend, she always had a boyfriend. She was beautiful and popular. But she loved Gabriel and never left him. Even when her “popular” friends sneered at him, Claire stood up for Gabriel. Even in high school when peer pressure told them they should not be friends. They could not be separated, not even by the dark forces of teenage hormones.

Gabriel worked hard everyday, even thought high school, to make something of himself. Something that was worthy of Claire. Claire only waited for him to realize that he was already worthy of her. She had loved him since the day her mother passed away.  Out of all of her friends, Gabriel was the only one that stuck by her side and let her cry. He didn’t tell her everything would be okay. He didn’t tense when she cried. And when she had to leave the movie theater because something reminded her of her mom, Gabriel loaded her up in his truck and took her to the river.

It was bound to happen. They fall in love, it was written in the stars. But Claire waited for Gabriel to be ready.

The Actual Dream

He finally called her, told her that he needed to speak with her. She rushed to his apartment. A small room within the cavern that he was working. He had tried to clean up before she got there, but something had caught on fire…again…and his shirt had been burned. He was changing shirts when she came in and she gasped at the bleeding cuts on his arms.

He brushed her off, telling her that it was something that always happened. It was a hazard of the job. Claire smiled and lay down in the floor, patting the floor beside her. Gabriel lay down, just far enough to where Claire could not reach him.

“Why are you so far away?” She asked him.  He only shrugs. “You should be by my side, always.” She whispered.

Surprise caught in Gabriel’s eyes. Claire knew why he had called her. He moved closer to her and Claire rested her head on his chest. “How did you know?” He asked with a smile.

“I have always known. I just had to wait for you to work up the nerve.” She looked up at him. “If you had waited too much longer, I would have had to beat it out of you.” She laughed. Gabriel came up to meet her lips, a kiss that had been in the making for years. A kiss that would seal their fate. Claire kissed him back, softly, there was no need to rush, they had all of their lives together.

A fire broke up, pulling the two away again as they rushed to put out the fires. Claire was laughing which caused Gabriel to laugh. But the laughter was interrupted as an explosion sounded, blasting out part of the wall and a guy with a ski mask jumps out.

“This can’t happen.” He said as he ran from the room.

Gabriel and Claire didn’t have time to chase the guy before something in the wall caught their attention. It was a stash of lost art.

One photo caught Claire’s attention. It was small and almost morbid, but she saw herself and Gabriel. She held up the picture of two embracing skeletons, with two skeleton children at their sides. “This reminds me of us.” Claire told Gabriel.

He understood and smiled. “You want children?”

“Yeah, someday.” She sat the picture down and looked away. “But only with you.”

As they riffled through the paintings Claire sat aside the ones she knew. They would get a reward for finding the paintings. A very hefty reward that could carry them through the rest of their life.

The End

Okay, not really the end. But I think I am going to run with this dream. See what I can do with it. It left me feeling something. It was a happy dream, but there was something more to it. Something underlining the events that took place. Like…why did the one guy jump out and say “This can’t happen?” I also want to explore more about Gabriel and Claire’s lives. How old was Claire when her mother died? What happened to Gabriel’s parents? So many questions!

Have you had any dreams that you have used for a story?

Meet Again 2

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  1. tj6james6 says:

    That is definitely a story I want to read!

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