I Need a Vacation


I didn’t blog yesterday because I was just too tired. I have been working all day for the past three days. I go in at 2 and didn’t get off until 9:30. It made for really long days. Yesterday when I got up I was just so tired that I didn’t want to do anything but go back to bed.

Anyways, I got off a little earlier today. I came home, took a nap, ate dinner, and started nosing around the internet. Usually my go to place is Pinterest. Today I found a post (or pin) about 151 must visit websites for writing.  I didn’t feel like reading everything, so I was just glancing through the list when I found something that peaked my interest.

750Words. The concept is that you get a fresh page everyday to write. There is no tagline, no prompt, and no prying eyes to judge your words. It is basically a brain dumping grounds. You just type…750 words. And the fun thing is that you get points and badges for writing. Though, I have yet to figure out if those points add up to anything.

Now, I have not been able to explore this site much more than a few clicks here and there. I enjoy the idea of having somewhere online to go and just drop a bunch of random thoughts. Mainly for the fact of getting myself into doing this on a daily basis. I used to write every night before bed and I have gotten out of the habit. Now I only write in my journal when something is really bothering me.

So, in order to get myself into writing, and to test out the theory that writing 750 words first thing in the morning helps boost creativity, I will be using this site everyday. At least for a few weeks, just to see if it helps.

Have you ever heard of this site? Or tired it? Or try to write so many words (random and not part of a novel or story) everyday just to get the juices flowing?

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