A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Okay, this has nothing to do with a picture. It could, but it’s more about the words that create a picture. Sometimes I wonder if I am the worst at starting a blog post. I never know what to say.

The other day I was working on my blog, trying to figure out where I want to take it. See, up until now I have been a little all over the place. Which I don’t have a problem with because it is just like my mind. I can never seem to keep my mind on one thing for too long. I have too much going on. And really, my blog is all about things that I enjoy, things that make me happy.

I have seen people with schedules. The post a type of post every Monday or having a whole week of themes, but for me it has just been all over the place. Since I am going to be starting up my business soon I decided now is the time to set up some kind of routine. That is where this idea came from.

Once a month I will draw from my jar of wonders!

Jar of Wonders

In this jar is a bunch of writing prompts that I scoured the internet for and liked.

I will draw 5 prompts and roll dice a few times to narrow it down. I just like the idea of needing dice, like playing a prompt game…or something another. Once I am down to one prompt I will then open it and write my first story.

I will write one story a week for four weeks, using one prompt. I was thinking how one prompt can inspire different people to write completely different stories and wondered if it could inspire one person to write different stories as well.

There are no rules to this game other than each story has to be different. Each story has to be a new plot, new setting, new characters. It’s a way to challenge myself into thinking and seeing things in a new light. It would be awesome if anyone wants to play along. Though, if you do plan to play along I suggest getting all your stories put together before reading other’s from the same prompt. That way it doesn’t seem like you are stealing anyone else’s story line…if that makes sense.

So…Let’s play! If I get a few people to play along I will add a new tab to the blog and link all the other stories. It’s a challenge that I feel will help my writing grow.

And this months writing prompt will be….(imagine a drum roll)

Writing Prompt February

Please share your stories if you use it. I want to see what everyone comes up with. Also, I did get this writing prompt from somewhere online, it is not of my own creation.

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