Netflix Movie Review: Neverlake


The other night my parents and I decided to hit up Netflix for a movie. We didn’t know what we wanted to watch, but there was nothing on TV so we always go for Netflix for help. I have seen many horrible movies by hitting up Netflix and thinking it would be a good movie. Especially horror movies. Being the horror movie fanatic that I am I always go for a horror movie.

Truth be known, I love stupid horror movies that are so bad you almost can’t finish them. The only thing that gets you to the end is curiosity.


Lucky for me, Neverlake was not one of those movies! I was terribly shocked at how much I enjoyed this movie. Which is why you get a review on it. I am trying to convince you to watch this movie. If you have Netflix and some free time, what do you have to lose?


Jenny has come home from school to visit her father. What she thought was going to be a fun trip spent with her father soon became boring. Jenny’s father is always away, doing something other than what he has promised Jenny. Jenny is left home with her father’s nurse.

Since her father decided not to take her on a walk through the woods to see the lake, she leaves the house to take on the adventure alone.

While at the lake, Jenny runs into a young girl who seems to be blind. The girl leads her back to a hospital where sick children are kept. Being the only kids Jenny has met on her trip and desperate for some companionship, Jenny returns to the hospital daily to read to the sick children.

Soon Jenny realizes that there is something off about the children and her father.


The start of the movie was a little slow. I would say give it at least 20 minutes before you go cutting off the movie. I almost turned it off to watch something else, but my mom convinced me to continue to watch it. I am so glad that I did. The movie kept me guessing the entire time and when you finally get to the root of the problem, you never would have guessed it!

This is one of those movies that I would watch over and over again. It was creepy, scary, and magical all at the same time. The ending was perfect! Unlike most horror movies that leave and open ending that makes no sense.

So, go watch it…right now. And tell me what you think!

Meet Again 2

P.S. What do you think of me making this a regular thing on the blog? One Netflix movie review every week or every other week? It could be fun!


3 thoughts on “Netflix Movie Review: Neverlake

  1. Josilyn says:

    I loved it on Netflix saw it a couple times but can someone tell me what all the idols were? I know one was a heart…but not sure what the others were and who they belonged to

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