Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole


Yesterday I did the impossible. I cleaned my room! It has seriously been a while since I have completely cleaned my room. I still have a few things to organize and I have to hit my craft table next, but I can actually see the floor in my room. Because of all the dust I now have a sore throat, but that should go away soon enough.

There was a reason to my cleaning. It honestly started with my desk. My desk can get into such a mess because it just seems like the best place to put anything and everything that I don’t want to deal with right away. With my desk such a clutter I haven’t been writing much because it was such a hassle to sit down to the mess. I almost couldn’t even get to my keyboard it was so messy.

It was just fine for playing games. Not much thought goes into gaming. But when I am writing, if my surroundings are a mess I am too focused on that to write properly. So of course, for creative purposes I had to clean and make it look amazing in my space. It’s the only space I have, though I wish I had a secret room for writing.

I tried to turn my closet into a tiny office, but since I have no room for my clothes anywhere else I had to scratch the idea.

I watch this show called Grimm and the main character, Nick, has this amazing trailer where he keeps all his “secret Grimm” stuff. I realized how perfect it would be for a writing room

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Seriously, you have your massive desk where you can lay out all your work when you are editing. A couch for reading when you need a break from writing. And plenty of room to store some of your favorite books for when you take a break. This particular trailer is even out in the woods somewhere far from other people. Meaning, no internet to distract me while I write!

I just really want a space dedicated just to work. Just to sitting down and writing until my fingers fall off. Somewhere with a door that I can shut and forget the world around me. There are just too many distractions right now, but I will write through them.

Stephen King wrote through his distractions. He was a teacher, a husband, and a father, and still wrote amazing things. I know that my creations are good enough for many people to enjoy. I know I can do this. I just have to clear the clutter in my mind and that starts with clearing the clutter on my desk.

Do you have a special place where you write? Do you have a different place where you edit? If you have pictures, please share! I love seeing other’s space.

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