keep-calm-and-bookbub-Sorry for a late post today. After work I had to lay down for a little bit. My ankle still has days where it is almost impossible to walk after work, but it’s getting better.

Moving on!

I was on Pinterest…just like every other day. I may be addicted to that site, but I am addicted to a lot of things.

I saw this one pin about a site that readers love. Of course, being the book worm that I am I had to check it out. I think I may have found heaven…

BookBub, if you don’t know already, is a site that shows you deals on e-books that are in the categories that you have chosen that you like to read. All you have to enter is your email address and they will email you everyday about new deals. Books that are on sale or for free.

As some of you may know, I have spent a ton of money on books and I really need to chill out on the spending, so I went looking for free books, I mean, who wouldn’t check for free books first?

I am the first to admit that I will judge a book by it’s cover. I am sorry to be this type of person…I really am. It might be the reason why it took me so long to read Hunger Games. The cover was just so plain so I gave it no thought. I’m an idiot, I know. But I have found some amazing books just by falling in love with the covers. Like Twilight. I don’t care what you say, I still love the books.

So far I have seen a couple of free books that I plan on checking out. I want to get them all, but I need to be realistic and just get one at a time.





Just kidding. I will probably add all of them to my never ending reading list.

And while looking for the perfect gif to share in my laughter, I found this as well.


Yeah…life doesn’t get much better than that, unless he was reading me a book while fanning his gorgeous hair around.

What was I talking about?

Have you heard of BookBub? If not, do you plan on checking it out now?

Meet Again 2


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