Sweet Tooth


Last week I set out to have a week of no sugar. And I did just that…

Until Wednesday.

Wednesday was my mom and dad’s birthday. There was cake and ice cream. I did really good before hand. I caught myself once with candy in my hand, lifting it to my mouth. Evil had, trying to make me fail. But when everyone in the house was eating cake, it didn’t seem fair to force myself away from it. I had a small piece of cake and a small scoop of ice cream.

Which, in reality is much better than usual. I would have had like three scoops of ice cream with a piece of cake the size of what Bruce was given in Matilda, before he was forced to eat the rest of the cake.


Yeah…I have a massive sweet tooth. It takes a lot to feed it. It’s evil too…it’s there to sabotage any effort to lose weight.

sweet tooth

Okay…so that’s Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, but I am pretty sure I have a little demonic clown living in my mouth demanding sweets.

I didn’t have anything else sweet until Friday. My brother and I took my mom to Red Lobster for her birthday. We don’t get to eat there often so I ordered dessert. I did avoid chocolate, which is my weakness. Instead I ordered an Apple Crostata…which was amazing!

apple Crostata

I shared a little with my brother and mom…but I ate most of it.

I don’t want to say this week was a fail. Because it wasn’t. While my goal was to avoid sugar for a week, the main purpose was to really cut down on my sugar consumption. I don’t feel the need to cut out sugar all together, but I had been going a little overboard with yummy goodness. It should be more of a reward instead of something that commonly finds it’s self in my bag.

Although, I failed completely on the other goals. To drink 3 liters of water…I barely got in 1 liter on most days. To write everyday…That didn’t happen and I am mad at myself for that. Work out at least once…I am going to let myself slide on this one because of the ankle issue.

I did succeed completely on one goal. To post everyday! I was a little late some days, but I did it and I am happy for it. As for this weeks goals, they are probably going to be about the same as last weeks.

  1. Drink 3 liters of water a day.
  2. Post everyday
  3. Write 500 words a day
  4. At least once on the treadmill (I will start out small and slow)
  5. Sugar only twice this week. I will give myself a little room. I will feed the sweet tooth and slowly cut down on my sugar consumption.

If any of you have any tips on how to avoid sugar please share them with me! For now I must go because my hands are starting to go numb from the cold.

Meet Again 2


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