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Audio Books

I have been trying out audio books to see how I like it. I have always snarled my nose up at them, thinking that there was no way I would ever listen to a book as opposed to reading one. I didn’t think it would carry the same magic. Then all the YouTube people I follow started talking about it. People on other blogs were talking about it. They were all saying how awesome it was to listen to a book while driving or working out.

Of course, to this I said “bah!” and continued listening to my music while driving and working out. Then in December I decided to give it a try because I was tired of listening to music and I had to have some kind of noise. I thought it would be awesome to “read” while I was at work.

I fell in love with audio books. Since then I haven’t had the radio on in my car. I would even listen to the book for the 30 minutes I am alone at work on days that I open. It was amazing. Then something terrible happened…

I finished the fourth book in the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. Sure, I could buy another audio book, but I have no more credits for this month and they are actually pretty expensive. I finished the book yesterday morning while getting the store ready to open. It was so quiet that I had to turn on Pandora to get me through the rest of the opening process.

But it just wasn’t the same. I felt like something was missing. Someone was missing. And the someone was the person reading the book to me. I was suddenly alone, when all this time I had a nice voice in my ear telling me an awesome story.

My drive home yesterday was just as bad as that morning…maybe a little worse. I had to turn on my car radio and you know what, music on the radio sucks so bad!

This morning was a quiet drive to work and it was a quiet ride home. Luckily, on the way home I was able to listen to a few older songs that I enjoy, so it wasn’t as bad…but I miss my stories! I may be addicted to audio books, but only while driving.

Now I have to wait until next month so I can acquire another credit to continue on with the series. I never would have thought I would love audio books so much.

What is your opinion of audio books? Love? Hate?

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