I’m Not Writing That


As I have said before, I read a lot of articles and blog post about writing. It has become sort of an addiction. I love to see what others think have made them better writers and I like finding ideas for new things to try. Also, the more you read, no matter what it is, the better your own writing will become. I might even be guilty of secretly correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes. It’s the writer in me!

I am always drawn into articles that start off with “How to Write a Novel.” or something of the sort. Maybe it’s to laugh at how ridiculous I think the opinions are, or maybe it’s just to see if I am doing something similar or find something that needs to be tweaked in my own writing.

Then a problem presents itself. Most of these articles about how to write a novel are talking about non-fiction novels. They tell me how to organize my data, my life experiences, and put it into a book. A book about real life…and let’s be honest, real life sucks sometimes. No one wants to read about my life. And if you do want to read about my life, stick around my blog and you will catch a little bit of it (or a lot). That’s a free non-fiction novel right there! I have no self-help advice other than to keep your head up and keep moving forward.

I actually hate writing about real life things. I tried to write and autobiography once and I got bored half way through the first page. I have lived my life once, and some moments I just don’t want to live again. Sure, I think about it, but putting it on paper is a whole new way of seeing the situations.

I don’t even read books that are non-fiction or even come close to real life. Okay, there was that one book “Looking for Alaska” that could be deemed as close to real life. There was nothing spectacular about it (it was a good book though), there were no vampires or fairies, nothing magical. And I enjoyed it, but it took a lot of time for me to build up the nerve to read it.

I guess to me, life is boring enough without having to read about it too. That is why most of what I read is fantasy. It’s also why I write fantasy. I can take a horrible situation in my own life and give it a purpose.

So, why are there so many articles about writing fiction? Or am I just scouring the wrong edges of the internet?

Meet Again 2

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