Got in a Little Funk


Yesterday I finally had a day off. I worked 7 days straight and with my ankle it felt like years. Maybe not that long, but I was in serious need of a good rest day.

I made the decision to spend my day laying in bed watching TV and eating junk food. And that is exactly what I did. I hardly spoke to anyone and my poor little Pixel didn’t get the play time that she needed. By the end of the day I was in such a funk that I just wanted to drift away and be forgotten. I wanted to cease to exist.

Lucky for me that was cured with a little reading and a lot of sleep. I didn’t mean to sleep so much, but evidently my body needed it.

Today I am feeling much better. I have left my room and spoke to my mom a little bit and my TV is not on. It may come on later today because I want to watch and Anime that has been waiting for me, but I have other things to do first. I really should clean my room, but who wants to clean on a day off?

I have made a note to myself and told my friends and family to never let me take a vacation day like that again. I just can’t do it. I can’t sit around doing nothing all day. It doesn’t work for me. I am happiest when I am productive in any way. I can write, clean, research, read. Anything but sit in front of the TV and watch mind numbing movies all day. Of course, if I had actually put in Labyrinth yesterday it wouldn’t have been such a complete fail.

So, in my need for a rest day I realized that rest is not something I do anymore. At least not an entire day of it. I have to be productive to feel good about myself. I have so much to do in my life and I have to start doing it before I waste what ever time it is that I have left.

My monthly goals have been shot. I have not written a single thing other than blog post and I have now missed two days of blogging. I need to do better, and I will. At least now I know that I can no longer be the unproductive girl I used to be.

Meet Again 2


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