Let It Snow


The other day I was discussing the cold weather with a coworker. He was saying how much he hated the cold and snow, while I was on the opposite end of the debate.

It seems that everyone where I live hates the cold weather. As soon as it gets a little cold they are wishing for warmer weather. Me, I am just as happy as I can be. I may have blue lips and shivering like a Chihuahua, but I love the cold. It just feels like something magical is happening when the cold weather is here. The world takes on on color tone, so simple and kind of dull.

Snow is even worse around here. Everyone seems to hate the snow! I beg for snow every year but I don’t always get it. We have already had a little snow this year, back in November I think. It wasn’t much. The snowflakes were huge but only people who were up at 3 in the morning got to see it. Thank goodness I was at work. I got to watch the start of it and watch as the ground became slightly white from the little dusting. It was gone by time the world started waking up.

I adore snow. It’s like white washing the world. A fresh start in a beautiful whimsical world that you forgot was there. The ground is covered, the trees are covered, porches, cars, roofs. It’s all white and simple and…it’s where fantasies come true. It’s where you realize that dreams are not always just dreams. It’s proof that dreams can become the great and wonderful thing if you just give it time.

And snow at night…the night has never been brighter.

Why does the snow mean so much to me? I honestly don’t know. Maybe it’s because all of the great romance stories either happen in the rain or in the snow. Maybe it’s because the cold brings people closer and the snow gives them awesome things to do like snowball fights, making snow angels, and building snowmen.

I just want a good snow. Just one a year and I am okay. I can’t really tell you why I connect so much to snow. Who knows, maybe I am some kind of fairy snow queen that forgot who she was. Or maybe in a past life something truly amazing happened in the snow and my soul is just connected to it.

All I know is that I wish and hope and pray for that one day where the world goes white.

Meet Again 2


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