Give it a Chance


I don’t do very well with change. I get nervous and panic. Nothing I do makes it any better. But in the past year so much has changed in my life. I lost a good paying job, drew unemployment for a bit, went back into retail, then went back to where my retail career started.

Yesterday I was transferred to another store. Same company just a new location. This place has my old manager so it wasn’t so bad, but it was still change.

Last night I came home and wanted to cry. I hated the new store. I wanted to go back to the store I started at. Basically, I wanted to hide in my fort of comfort and refuse to grow in any way.

Today I worked there again and things are not as bad as they seemed last night. Last night things were just new and strange and change…change makes me nervous. I gave it a chance and I feel like I have grown because of it.

It made me realize something. As long as we stay in our safe little bubble of “normal” we will never grow. We will never reach our full potential. We will just hover in the wake of nothing and never do anything great.

I know it sounds silly to get something so great from something so small, but isn’t that how things go? You figure out the most profound things about life and yourself from some of the smallest things. I love how it works sometimes.

This change has also helped me realize that I will make a great business owner. It has helped push me just a little further into the path of creating something amazing and mine. It has also helped me realize that change, while scary, can be a great and fun thing.

I don’t know where this job will lead me or if I will go much further in this company. I do know that I want to get my own business going with in a few weeks. Either way my life goes from here, it will be a good thing.

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