Edgar and Me

If you are new or have no idea who Edgar is…meet Edgar:

10845906_10152998683518474_5836139578766576774_nMy wonderful boot that the doctors have decided I needed.

Yesterday I went to the physical therapist again. It looks like Edgar and I will be splitting up soon, but not because my ankle is any better. It feels like things are getting worse. But after a few test and measurements, I have more strength and more mobility, just more pain to go along with it.

I am starting to feel a little hopeless that this pain will ever go away.

At PT yesterday we decided that I would slowly get out of wearing Edgar, though I only wore it while I was at work. We are going to see if anything gets any better with out the boot. If not, I will be going back to the specialist for more x-rays or whatever.

Short post today, I am sorry for that. My planning has been lacking lately. I just thought maybe someone out there would be interested in hearing about my bum ankle and how Edgar and I will be going our separate ways soon. This is me saying good bye to a friend who helped me though the holidays with less pain. Goodbye old friend, I really hope we never meet again.

Meet Again 2


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