The Art of Planning

Last year I made my own agenda to get my through the year. I followed someone’s tutorial and guidelines on how to make it because I had no idea how to set one up myself. This year I had a better idea of what I wanted and made one that was completely my own. I even made one for my mom.

Since I like to share my DIY projects with all of you, I thought I would show you this one as well.

2015 Agenda

I first just took a composition notebook and covered it with some scrap book paper. Just something that represented me. I added the metal 2015 plate and a few stickers to further personalize it. The metal plate is hand made as well. 🙂

On the inside I just did a few measurements to make sure everything came out even. I used 12 pages (front and back) to create a monthly calendar.

2015 Agenda MonthlyYou can see where I went ahead and put in my monthly bills and where I keep up with my work schedule. I do have somewhat three different work schedules, but only one that pays me. I have to schedule everything else around that, so it’s the only one that makes it to the monthly calendar, though I am thinking of changing that.  I also have a section to the side for my bill conformation numbers. It is a really good idea to keep up with that stuff, trust me. On the left hand side I am going to be using for monthly goals, but as you can see, I have not made it to fill those out yet.

2015 Agenda Weekly

I then went on to create 52 weeks (plus the first week in 2016) for daily to-dos. I again write down my bills due that week and my work schedule. Plus my daily list of things to do. If there is room left I will use it for a daily recap. I will note important things that may have happened that day, or what I actually accomplished. I didn’t want to offend you all with my messy handwriting for the first week, so I took a picture of a week that had not been molested yet. At the bottom right side there is a big open space. I will be using that for weekly goals.

2015 Agenda Yearly

Then there is the first page of the agenda. Just a yearly calendar so I can take a quick glance at the year. This is the only print out that I used for my agenda. I might have been able to write it in, but I was trying to get two of these done in a few days.

Of course there are blank pages in the back. Those will be used to track what movies I have seen this year and what books I have read. I love keeping up with things on the computer, but I love it even more and remember it when I hand write it somewhere. Also, in 10 years I can look back on all of my agendas and see what I did and how far I have come. And nothing in the stores are ever what I want.

Do you have an agenda that you love? Or do you avoid keeping one at all?

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