Is It Over?

Sad face? Now that the holidays are over maybe, just maybe, I can get back to the things I love the most. Which just so happens to be the things I was doing during the holidays anyways.

My Christmas was fantastic and I don’t feel like it’s over because of the massive amounts of gift cards I got. Now, I know that some people hate gift cards, but I love them. I love them so much! Especially when it is gift cards to Barnes & Noble or Amazon. I even got a gift card to my favorite craft store.

What more could this happy girl ask for? I mean, a boyfriend for Christmas would have been nice, but let’s not push it.

Edgar and I stayed together through the holidays. But it didn’t stop my ankle from doubling is size Tuesday and Wednesday. It calmed down Thursday. But after work yesterday it was back to being double it’s size. I am so sick of the pain and swelling. I am going back to the doctor after the holidays to find out what is actually going on with this stupid ankle.

On a positive note, work is slowing down. I am no longer working nights which I will actually miss. And it looks like I won’t be working 8 hour shifts anymore. While I will miss that money on my check, I won’t miss the pain in my ankle. This also means I may not be able to continue physical therapy, but they are not doing much other than telling me to continue what I have been doing. Frustration much?

Gift rundown. I got so many awesome things this year aside from the gift cards (that will be used to feed my book addiction.) I got a new paper cutter…which I will need for the business I am starting up. I got an airbrush gun for cakes. I seriously can not wait to take my cake decorating to the next level with this thing. I got some knives which was inevitable. My knife collection grows every year and I love it! I got an owl necklace and an owl keyring. I also got Grease on Blu-ray. I love that movie.

One of my favorite gifts though was a Labyrinth t-shirt from Shirt Punch.


It’s so fantastic!

How where your holidays? What was your favorite gift? And are you sad that it’s all over?

Monday I will start a little rundown of 2014. It may run into next year, but I just want to do a few post about how awesome this year has been for me. Starting with all the awesome books I have read.

Until we meet again


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