Where are the Adults?

Let’s talk about adults for a second. I am an adult. I am no longer a young adult (I’m pretty sure that ended when I turned 26 and I will be 30 in August.) I am a grown woman who graduated from high school, has gone to college, and has earned her bachelor’s degree in computer electronics. I make my own decisions, pay for my own car, pay all of my bills, and work hard to get myself out of debt. I am an adult.

There is something else that came along with me becoming an adult. Well, a few things, like being able to stay up as late as I want and the ability to buy all the toys I want and watch whatever cartoons I want. Yeah, I am still a kid at heart, but there is one thing that I have put behind me. Drama.

I can not stand drama. I can’t stand people talking about me behind my back and I won’t talk about others behind their backs (unless I am talking to my mom about them.) I have my issues with people, and if it becomes a problem I will speak to them personally about it. Otherwise I will just complain to my mom, because that is what moms are for.

I also can’t stand when you have a grown man (in his 50’s now…) who runs off to tell the manager every little thing he thinks you are doing wrong.

Let me catch you up, in case you are lost.

I was recently hired as an assistant manager. To any of the employees it seems like they just hired someone off the street, but I have worked for this company before as an assistant manager. I did not come back in making what I used to, but I did get my old position back. I found out last night that there is one person in particular that has a problem with this.

This man has been complaining about me since the day I started, pretty much anyways. Last night he got so mad that he actually left work early. Because he was too worried about what I was doing and kept going to the other assistant manager tattling. Yes, I used the word tattle because that is exactly what it is. It is grade school BS that has no place at work.

My theory is that when you go to work, you worry about your work and let the others do theirs. The manager can easily see what I have done and what my other coworkers have done. I work just as hard as any of our employees, but I am a little slower because of my ankle problems and Edgar (my boot in case you didn’t know.)

I am working really hard to get my ankle back into better shape and deal with a lot of pain while I am at work. Every time I accidentally hit my ankle or turn it the wrong way (which is every way) it sends a jolt through my leg and up my spine. It hurts like crazy, but it is an invisible pain that you can only see on my face should I show it. This makes it basically nonexistent to people around me. To them I am just the slacker that walks around with a medical boot on my left foot.

Anyways, the point is, where are the adults in the world? Where are the men and women that grew up, threw out their drama, and decided to just live life and worry about themselves or their kids? And why, please tell me why, do I keep getting drug into the middle of this drama!? No matter where I go it’s like just moving to another high school.

No…it’s worse than high school. It’s elementary where the teachers pet feels the need to tell every time someone stops writing to give their hand a break.

Anyone else have terrible issues with grown adults acting like children?

Also, sorry for the rant, but I had to get it off my chest. I don’t even know if any of this makes sense.

Until We Meet Again


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