What are Your Holiday Traditions?

Sorry I have been away for a few days again. It seems that December is not the best month for blogging, simply because I have so much other stuff to do! Add my to do list to my problems with my ankle and you have a mess of life. Edgar and I are getting along just fine, but I am so ready for my ankle to be better and no longer need Edgar the Boot.

I thought, for today’s post I could tell you a little about my holiday traditions. Traditions are awesome and I don’t have many…it’s kind of sad.

A tradition that has come to my attention is my mom and I making Christmas gifts instead of buying a bunch of random items. I mean, come on, what is better than a home made gift? I love getting things people have take the time out of their day to make for me. Especially when they actually created that item with me in mind. I can tell people! I can tell when you just whipped something up and decided you would give it to me. But I will still enjoy a home made gift.

I can’t tell you all what I am making for gifts this year because I have some family that reads my blog and it would just be no fun if I ruined the surprise for them. But after the holidays I will totally share it with you.

On top of making gifts I have been making wreaths!


Sadly, the wreath doesn’t go with the theme of our Christmas tree, so I had to get stuff for a new one. Now I have two to make before Christmas eve. We decided to go for a blue, white, and sliver theme this year.


I have other decorations up, but the house needs a little cleaning before I can take pictures. Believe me when I say they are awesome, if only because I am the one that did them.

Every year we decided on a color scheme/theme. Then we go to town decking out the house with all the wonderful colors we have chosen.

Another tradition that seems to take place in my house is the cake pops. One year I made cake pops for Christmas and now if I don’t have cake pops every one gets angry. They are like addicts that need their yearly fix.

I have other things that I bake/make for the holidays as well. This year I am making a sweet potato pecan pie. Don’t worry, I will share the recipe with you. I tried it for Thanksgiving and it was OMG delicious! There is fudge to be made, sugar cookies, and a gingerbread house. Yes! A gingerbread house! It will be the first one I have ever made. I have bought many kits in the past, but never made them. Call me a slacker if you must.

On Christmas Eve I spend the first part of the day with my dads side of the family. It’s a little tense there so I don’t like to spend a lot of time there. That night my moms side of the family comes to our house. It’s my favorite part of the day because I get to see people I only see once a year. Which is odd because we actually live pretty close. Life just gets in the way.

Once everyone is gone my family and I pull out all the Christmas gifts and get that over with. That way we can sleep a little later Christmas day and have the entire day to play with our new gadgets or find somewhere to put them. And we usually have a nice meal.

I honestly love the holidays. My head is spinning by the end because of all the stuff going on, but it is all so worth it. Getting together with family and friends. Giving gifts and listening to Christmas music. I love it all so much.

So tell me, what are your Christmas traditions? Or Holiday traditions? What holiday do you celebrate this time of year?


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