Come Back Sleep!

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I got off work at 5 this morning. I had to come home, get my brother and take him to work. While I was out I grabbed breakfast and filled my car up with gas. By time I got home I was so tired I couldn’t sleep, so I pulled out my book and started reading. At the moment I am reading Revival by Stephen King. Of course it’s a Stephen King book.

I was finally able to fall asleep around 7 am and the sun was already coming up. Not to mention my ankle felt like there were little men inside of it, taking turns breaking bones. Also, the little aliens in my bladder thought it would be fun to poke at the bladder walls, making me get up twice to use the bathroom.

Then, after tossing and turning, running to the bathroom, and trying to position my ankle to a more comfortable position, my mom had already left the house to pick up my brother from work. He got off at 10 and they got home about 10:30. My puppy goes crazy barking and running around when my brother opens to door to tell me it was almost 11. I asked him to do that, I just hadn’t realized how quick 11 would catch up to me.

I shout at the dog and my brother scares me because he is suddenly beside my bed with food. Now, usually when you tell me you have food for me I am up instantly. Not this time, I just wanted to sleep but it was too late. After maybe two hours of sleep all together I was awake.

I got up, ate and decided to get some Christmas shopping done. By 1:30 I was tired again and thought I would try sleeping again. 30 minutes after falling asleep my puppy is barking again, my dad is drilling holes in the wall to hang the TV, and my brother is laughing super loud at his game and friends. Needless to say, I wanted to behead the entire house, starting with the dog that was barking in my ear.

I get up, stumble around the house, find food and take out the dog. I watch a little TV with my dad then sit at my computer debating on getting some Christmas gifts made.

At this point I am just about delirious. I am too tired to do much of anything but too awake to go to sleep. So I sat and stared at the wall. About 3:30 I was ready to try sleep again.

30 minutes later the dog is barking again. I kicked her out of my room and shut the door, finally welcoming sleep. Two and a half hours later my dad is waking me up asking me what time I had to be at work. It was time for me to get up, but that was about all I knew. I couldn’t tell time or even remember what time I had to be at work.

I was so confused when my dad woke me up that I probably could not have even told you what my name was. Or even that I lived on Earth. I got sleep, but I don’t know the quality of that sleep. Now I have one of those weird empty headaches and I am starving.

All of that was to tell you exactly why I do not have a good quality post for you today. I have fought the demon sleep and while it may seem that I have won, we all know that I have lost terribly.


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