Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those that celebrate it. To all the others that don’t, happy “just another day” day! 🙂

I figured for today I could just tell you all the things that I am thankful for seeing as that is kind of the point today. And when I sat down to think about it, I have a ton of stuff to be thankful for! Really I do.

  1. My parents. Without them I would be living in a cardboard box behind my work place. They have encouraged me and inspired me to go for my dreams. Even when I feel like a complete and total failure, they are there to lift me up.
  2. My brother. He is always reminding me that I am better off without the “friends” that drop me the second they find someone or something new to do.
  3. My puppy. I know it sounds silly, but she is really my fur baby. I love her to death and some days only my puppy can make me smile. I look forward to her wagging tail when I get home and I love having her by my side when I go to bed at night.
  4. My job. I love my job at the moment. I deal with very few customers. I didn’t even have to work today. While I don’t have a ton of money, it does pay well and gives me the freedom to work on my other projects.
  5. My home. It may be falling in and leaking, but it is home. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Also, it’s where my family is.
  6. My computer. Because without my computer I couldn’t play games or write as much as I do. I wouldn’t be able to blog or keep in touch with my friends from all over the world.

That is enough for now. I am tired, my head hurts, and my tummy is stuffed. I still can’t get my Sims 4 to play and I’m getting terribly annoyed by that. But for now I will go hang out with my family a little more and eat some more food. 🙂


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