Hello Goodbye


Just a quick blog today. I have been busy since I got up this morning, or rather, this afternoon. I got off work at 5 this morning, and came home for some sleep. Once I was up I had to get the pie going for tomorrow. I am even making the crust, which I see now would have been a major time saver had I just bought the crust, but that’s cheating!

I haven’t had time to write today, but I am only about 5,000 words from my NaNo goal. I am hoping to get a good chunk taken care of tomorrow in between food comas.

Also, I was able to buy Sims 4 today because Origin had it on sale for half off. I was so excited for it, until I had it downloaded and EA decided to add a few bugs to keep me from playing. I have been fighting with that for the past 30 minutes. I know what you are all thinking; “Heather, you don’t have time to play games.” But I do! I swear I do. Okay, maybe I don’t but I love Sims!

Anyways, off to finishing my pie I go. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day, no matter what you are doing. For me it’s working until 4 and then resting until 9pm Friday night. I can’t wait to eat all the wonderful food tomorrow! And possibly get my stupid game playing.

Anyone baking anything for Thanksgiving?


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