I Could Never Live Alone


I have this terrible problem. I get so caught up reading or writing that I forget to live. I forget to take a break to eat and sometimes I just forget to sleep.  Add that to my crazy work schedule and you have an involuntary anorexic with a sleep disorder.

Lucky for me I still live at home with my parents and they do all the cooking.  And every once in a while they get dishes out of my room that I have failed to take to the kitchen. When it comes to sleep, they only remind me that I have to be at work early and I should think about getting some sleep.  I can only imagine how bad things would be if I lived alone.

I would only buy foods that I could grab and go with.  You know, things like chips and packaged snacks.  I would have sandwiches as well because those are easy.  Some easy mac and cereal.  Things that are quick and easy to throw together so I can get back to my books (whether writing or reading) or what ever craft project I am working on.  And I would only eat when I was so hungry my stomach is trying to eat itself.

When I do cook, I always forget that I am cooking and end up burning things. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to turn off the oven or stove top.

I can’t help it, my mind just goes in a different direction every two minutes.  I won’t even tell you how long it took me to write this post.  I’m really tired today, so it’s even worse today. Someone has to tell me, is it a writer thing, a reader thing, or should I just chalk this up to another Heather thing?

I even have a problem staying on track when I am talking to someone or walking through the store.  My mom is the only one that can keep up with me when I go on a rant because I can be talking about one thing and in 2 seconds I’m on another thing.  In the stores if no one is keeping an eye on me, they will lose track of me because something has caught my eye and I don’t exactly tell anyone what or where I am going.  I am like a child sometimes.

It’s just a part of who I have become.  A curious girl who just goes where her mind takes her.  The only time I don’t have a problem focusing is when I’m writing or reading or working on a project.  Everything else in life just can’t hold my attention for long.  Not even TV can hold my attention for too long.

And since this post has taken 2 hours to write…no lie, I’m having the worst time focusing today…I shall leave it at this. Sadly, I don’t have a NaNoWriMo update today because I haven’t written much.

Maybe tomorrow I can focus more on writing  a better post…


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