Who Will Get Mad?

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As my NaNoWriMo WIP progresses, I realize that this story could really tick a few people off.  The content of the story and the things that I have created could offend people.  So maybe I should stop?  Maybe I should go back and change it, to make people happy?

HA! Don’t make me laugh. There are so many stories in the world today.  You are bound to tick someone off with the story you are writing right now.  Someone is going to be mad because the main character dies at the end.  Or they will be those that get mad because the main character didn’t die at the end. People get mad about happy endings or sad endings or things that don’t really end at all.  Not everyone is going to be happy.

I got to thinking about this last night as my story got a little bit more intense.  Let’s just say I have taken a few things from the bible, flipped it around and created something new.  Something that could possibly send “Christians” into a terrible frenzy.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a believe myself, but I have always questioned things.  Also, I am a writer with a very vivid and extreme imagination.  Nothing is ever as it seems to me.

At some point in our writing careers we have to realize that we are not writing to please everyone in the world.  For one, that is simply impossible!  And second, if you are not writing for yourself, because you enjoy it, then you are going to get tired of it very quickly.  Not to mention you will be upset all of the time because there is always going to be that one person hating you for what you write.

Sometimes, I think I write with the mind set of “Who CAN I tick off?”  Maybe it’s the side of me that likes to argue and tick people off.  It’s a very small part, but it is there and sometimes it takes over everything.

So, if you have used the excuse that no one will like your story as a reason to quit, I dare you to open up that work and finish it!  I dare you to make people mad! I dare you to push yourself past caring what others think and get that story out there.  If you are like me, that story is going to nag at you and make fun of you, pick on you and ruin your sleep, until you get it down.  It will destroy you until it reaches the tips of your fingers and flies across those keys.  You don’t have to share it with the world if you don’t want to, but don’t let fear keep you from writing.

I know that I won’t let it stop me.  I may tell my mom what is going on in my story and see how bad she thinks it is, but it won’t stop me from finishing.  I kind of like the story and all the things it goes against.  Also, the story has a mind of its own, it did this, not me.  I just start typing and magical things start happening.

Are you going to write something daring today?  Go on, it will feel good when it’s done.

NaNoWriMo Update: 35,652


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