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I see a lot of people who write everyday, with a word count goal in mind.  Others have page goals, while some have a time amount set.  Then I have seen people completely despise those of us that have some kind of goal that we try to hit every day or the fact that we make ourselves write every day.

As a writer I take advice from other writers, well known writers.  Actually, I just take advice from Stephen King.  I really do admire and almost idolize the man. He is an amazing writer and according to Google, he has written 55 books. He puts those suckers out like candy and I’m a kid with a bellyache and not enough sense to stop eating the Halloween candy. It’s only logical that I read his book “On Writing.”

According to Stephen King, in order to write you must do two things.  1. Write everyday and 2. Read.  He says to read a lot. Not email, but books.  And I completely see where this comes in handy.  Reading helps you study how other authors write. You find out what works for others, what people want to read, and what publishers are looking for.  But that is not the point of my post today.

This post is about setting a goal for every day.  Not just in November where we all fight to stay ahead or catch up so that we have 50,000 words by the end.  Everyday we need to challenge ourselves to write.  Write anything.  Find writing prompts and see what comes out of them.  Write about something boring and make it extravagant.  I used to write a Wacky Wednesday post where I took an ordinary day and made it something magical. I might start doing that again.

I have a word count goal for everyday.  Hopefully, by the end of this month it will be more of a habit then it has been in the past. Maybe I will just start writing a book a month, while editing the books from the month before. 12 books a year is a wonderful thing.  One of those books could be my first New York Times Bestseller.  One of those books could be the one that catches the publishers eye.  One of those books could be the one I self publish and catches the attention of readers everywhere.

And if none of those 12 make the cut, well I have another year and 12 more books to write.  Did you know that Stephen King started writing his Dark Tower series when he was 19?  He put it in a box and pushed it to the back of his closet, forgetting the story.  Then one day it came back to him and he was able to expand it and create this awesome world.  But he never stopped writing.

Don’t lose hope in your writing.  If you want to be published, keep writing, keep querying publishers and agents, and keep dreaming.  If you want to self publish, keep editing, keep working, and make sure you get to know other self publishers who have succeeded in making it work for them.   Read their blogs and see how they did it and how they market their books.  They have paved the road for us, we just have to choose to follow it.

Now, my daily word count goal is 2000.  It seems like a crazy number, but when you write 500 words in 10 minutes, 2000 is not that big of a deal either.

What is your daily writing goal?  What about editing? Do you have a goal set when you are editing a book?  I haven’t figured that one out yet.  And how much time do you spend on your books everyday?  If you are looking to publish and not just doing this for fun, you have to make it another job. I’m learning that one myself.

Let me get you started on that goal.  Here is a writing prompt that looked fun. Which painting would you like to step into?

NaNoWriMo Update: 34,447


6 thoughts on “Word Count Muse

  1. sjoycarlson says:

    Haha I don’t really set daily word count goals. I just write until I can’t any more. I guess my whole writing process is just go with the flow, but I do set deadlines for myself and go crazy with them 😛 It really does feel like another job. I’m fortunate right now to only be working part time…..

    • Heather M. says:

      I only set the word count so that I do at least that much. I don’t always stop when I reach my goal, it’s just so I stay on top of my writing. The way I see it, writing is another job, it’s just a job that we like doing. lol

      This time last year I was working full time and I hated it because I couldn’t write like I wanted to. This year I am back to part time and loving all the time I have for writing!

  2. Alex J. Hughes says:

    Great post! On Writing is my favorite writing book by far. He presents everything so well. Most writing books are far too rigid and structured – at least for me. He’s a great person to look up to.

    • Heather M. says:

      Sadly, On Writing, is the only book on writing that I have read. It might have something to do with the others being too rigid and structured. It’s like reading a text book, and no one likes reading text books. lol

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