Book Review: The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter


Taking a break from all things writing, I thought I would take a moment and inform you of this amazing book I just finished reading.  It’s the third of a trilogy.  You can see my review of the first one HERE.

On to the book!

Since the first book, Ali has gone through a lot.  Of course, her and Cole have had their ups and downs, but it seems like things are on the up and up now. The only problem they have is Anima and Anima’s twisted ideas on how to use Zombies.

I can’t say a lot without giving things away, but the book was amazing.  I was afraid to read at night, for fear of reading something that I couldn’t read the solution to that night.

I was so connected with these characters that when something bad happened to them I felt the emotional turmoil of it.  It has become rare that I connect with a book so closely and I love it and hate it.  This whole series has made me laugh, cry, cringe, and want to beat the author with her own books.  I loved them so much.

There was pain, happiness, strife, struggles, sad endings and happy endings.  You don’t just fall in love with the main character (Alice) and her amazingly beautiful boyfriend (Cole).  You fall in love with all the characters.  You want them all to have a happy ending.  Unfortunately, the trilogy does not end that way.

I finished this book two days ago and I am still trying to pull in my emotions over it.  There is sadness in the last chapters of the book.  So much sadness that is not suddenly cured by a loved one coming back to life.  A sadness that is still there when the book ends and a sadness that still sits on my heart.

Some people may look at this and think “wow, she is weird.”  And that’s true, I am weird, but I can’t help but feel the pain that these characters felt.

To be honest, I was only half way happy with the ending.  It could have been better, but then the author would have gone against the natural flow of the book and I would have hated it.  There are even a few things left open that could possibly lead to another book, only from the perspective of another character, leaving Ali and Cole to live in the happy life they fought so hard for.

I am still sick over the ending of this series.  I want more, need more, and I will stalk Gena Showalter’s twitter and Facebook pages until I see signs of more.  While I love her YA novels, I have never read her other…adult(?) novels, but after this series I will find them and read them very soon.  They are on the top of my “to read” list.

Want to know more about Gena Showalter?  Check out her website HERE.


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