Where Am I?


One thing that always gives me trouble when I am writing is location.  I often talk about my characters walking down a street or driving down a highway.  I talk about local spots that they frequent and their homes.  What I don’t get into is a lay out of the place they live.

My current WIP that I am doing for NaNoWriMo has more of a location than anything I have ever done.  It actually has a name for the town that my main character resides in.  I even have the town mapped out in my mind, but I had a little help.  The town that my character lives in is laid out a lot like a place I once lived, only different buildings.  I just used a similar layout so I had a little something more to grasp while writing.  Of course, the name of the town is completely made up and I have left out an actual state or country that my character lives in.

For some reason, the location this time has become more important than it has in other novels I have written.  So, my question for today is; how important is location in a story?  And how do you map this out?

For me, I have drawn several houses and buildings so that I could have a better picture of the house or building I am trying to explain.  I am probably the worlds worst artist when it comes to drawing, but it works for me.  I like to dabble in doodles from time to time.

I have even found pictures of homes that I like certain aspects of, just so I can find better words to describe it.

Until now, I have never done this with a town layout, I have just kept the image in my head and for some reason this WIP is making it a little harder.  I don’t know if it’s because I am determined to write a better story or if location is just as important as the character.

Again, how important is location in a story?  Do you enjoy having the lay of the land written out for you in stories that you read?  And in your own writing do you like to map everything out?  Do you have images printed out or drawn out that helps you?

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