Let’s Catch Up

HI!! I hope I find everyone well as we suddenly find ourselves in November. It’s a big month for people like me for many reasons.  But before I get to those reasons, let me bring you up to date on me.

I am back to doing just one job.  Thank the heavens! I was dying, not to mention that my ankle was hurting so bad that I was almost in tears everyday.  My schedule is all over the place now too.  Some days I go in super early and other days I go in super late.  Just last night, Halloween night, I was in at 10pm and had to work until 6am.  It was crazy and so much fun.  I was awake and looking outside when the snow started at 3:30 this morning.

If you know anything about South Carolina, you know that snow is a very very rare for us, at least in the area of SC that I live in.

But that was my Halloween, sleeping during the day so I could stay up all night and work.

Yesterday morning I also went to my Physical Therapist, who is considering putting me in a boot since my ankle doesn’t seem to be getting better. Which is going to make life difficult.  This week I am focusing on doing more exercise and really focusing on my recovery.  I honestly wish I could just cut my ankle off and be done with it.  I just want to run again…or at least walk without a limp.

Now that I am caught up with me…my life is a tad boring…I will let you in on why November is such a huge month for me.  There are two reasons.  One being that it is NaNoWriMO, National Novel writing month.  Which, I try to participate in every year, but fail at it miserably.  This year I want to actually finish a novel in a month.

The second reason that this month is a huge month is the fact that I make Christmas gifts for my family. It’s a lot to do and it’s not something that I can do at the last minute.  I’m excited for all my craft projects coming up, and because of my job being such strange hours I might have more time to do things…or less time.  We will see.

So what has the world of blogging been up to?  I haven’t had time to post or read other post.  I try to get on every once in a while and read a few post, but I always get distracted with something that needs to be done. It’s annoying sometimes.

I’m also going to challenge myself to post every day this month!

If you will excuse me, I need to get some writing done to get a good start on NaNoWriMo!


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