Ending the Experiment

Okay, it’s over.  I tried and I realized, writing is in my blood!!

I tried to not write anything for over a week now and, well, I am about to go crazy.  I have not written blogs, stories, poems, or even notes.  The only thing I did write were status updates on Facebook, which can some times be a short story.  I like to tell people things.

I have been down, angry, antsy, and everything else that happens to a junky when you take away their drugs.  Oh yeah, I’m saying it, writing is my drug. It’s the one thing that calms my stress and helps me find a happier me.  Well, that and reading.

I just wanted to see what would happen if I took all writing out of my life for a week.  I am always questioning if I am really a writer.  I wonder sometimes if I do it because I love it and need it, or if I just do it to make people think I am creative.  I now have my answer.  I love it and need it in my life.

Now, should I be an author?  That question still hangs in the balance of things.  If anything, I will at least tell my kids awesome bedtime stories one day. But I do want to be an author.  I want to share my crazy mind with the world.  I will make it one day, right along with my dream to open my own bakery.  I have a pretty awesome life ahead of me.

And now for a confession.  I didn’t give up all writing.  I evidently can’t give it up completely.  I wrote in my journal one night.  I was depressed and I needed that outlet, I had to write the things down that were stuck in my head.  I don’t always feel comfortable telling people about the things going on in my head.  I scare myself sometimes with the thoughts that cross my mind.

I also don’t like to tell people when I have fallen into that dark hole that makes me question my own life.  I don’t have suicidal thoughts anymore, but I do have moments where I want to give up and just hide under a rock, or I wonder what life would be like without me.  I always end up really upset for the people around me.  I am pretty awesome and their life would be boring without me.

I also wrote a short story with my mom and brother.  My brother drew a picture and I wrote the story.  My mom latter added to it.  It was down on the white board that we keep on the fridge.  Take a look.

Family Story

The character my brother drew didn’t have ears.  He went in after I wrote the story and added ears.  Then my mom went in about new technology.  I love it.  My family inspires me.

Also, Happy Halloween month!! I seriously love Halloween and I can’t wait to show you all the wonderful things I plan on doing.  Hopefully a new job is coming my way, a job with more money.  Meaning I can buy more stuff to make cakes.

Last year I was going to carve pumpkins but I never got around to it.  This year I am going to do that and hopefully try making pumpkin pie.  I have seen so many awesome cake stuff for Halloween.  I just love this time of year!!  I have already made one cake for Halloween.  I will share it with you sometime soon.

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