Headed to the Beach

I am finally getting a vacation.  This morning my family got up and we headed out the door (with puppy in tow) to make the three hour drive to the beach.  It has been over 10 years since I have been to the beach.

The funny thing is, as excited as I am, I hate the ocean.  I won’t get in the ocean.  But I am so excited to take a walk on the beach at night, watch the sun set and rise.  Feel the sand between my toes.  Build a crappy sand castle.  Watch my puppy try to figure out what in the world that big body of water is.

I can’t wait!  It will probably also come with some sun burn and a few hours out at the pool.


The sad thing about the trip is that we only have one full day at the beach, and that is Saturday.  We leave home early tomorrow and leave the hotel even earlier on Sunday.  We can’t afford much more than that.

Another good thing that is in the works is that I have a chance to go back to my old job as assistant manager at a place I worked at when I first finished high school.  It should be fun really. I am excited to go back and I have my fingers crossed that I can actually get there.

What I learned yesterday is that it never hurts to ask.  Really!  There were no signs about a job opening, but once I asked my friend if they were hiring I found out there were two positions open! One will allow me to leave my current job (please, please, please.) and the other would allow me to work my current job and the new job.  We will see what happens.

I just have to leave it all up to the good man upstairs and hope that He isn’t too mad at me for being a little mad at Him.

I am sure I will have pictures to share at some point.  If not…well, it’s because I decided to live my life on the other side of the camera, instead of trying to live through a lens.


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