Out for Lunch: Back in 30


I keep disappearing and then coming back, posting a few post and disappearing again.  I have good reason for this…Okay maybe not.  I get so tied up with everything that I just forget to make time to write.

Don’t worry, it’s not just my blog that is suffering.  All forms of writing suffer from my lack of…motivation? Between work, gym, and spending time with Pixel, I just forget to sit down and write about all my adventures.

I gave up writing for a few weeks. Not blogs, I have obviously been writing a little there.  But my stories, my personal work, I pushed away to the side and decided not to bother with them for a bit. I did it and now I just can’t take it anymore.  There are two things in this world that I want more than anything…okay, three.

1. I want to own my own bakery and create beautiful cakes and tasty cupcakes.

2. I want my own family.  Husband, kids, family dog…all of that.

3. The most important one.  The one that eats away at me every day.  I want to be a traditionally published author.

I can’t help how my dreams progressed over the years.  I can’t help that in high school I found an outlet for my anger and fell in love with the idea of creating my own world.  I also can’t help that my imagination is so far out there that I just can’t cope with reality some days.

So, I took a break from my writing.  I even took a full week away from my blog.  It’s time to take down my ‘out for lunch’ sign and get back to work.  If there is one thing I have learned this year it is, to be successful you must work hard.  Work until you bleed.  Work until sweat drips down into your eyes.  Success is not something that is just thrown into your lap.  It is something that you work hard for.

I will succeed in whatever my heart desires.  At the moment, my heart desires to be a bakery owner/author. I will make it and I will be great.

A few years ago I told a few people that my montage music was now playing.  It paused for a moment, the track skipped.  I have fixed it and I don’t plan on hitting another glitch.


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